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Our mission is to become an international foundation for quality tested and certified PPE. We aim to provide goods that prevent harm or injury to people on a global scale across various industries facing unique health and safety challenges. We emphasize creativity in tackling every problem we encounter when it comes to the distribution of industry protective equipment.

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At IPW, we pride ourselves on providing the world with products certified by the most stringent and world recognised standards.

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Bestselling Products
Medical Nitrile COATS® Gloves

COATS ® technology utilizes the benefits of all-natural oats and provides a moisturizing barrier between the skin and the glove, prevents skin irritation, they are perfect for users who suffer from dry and itchy skin due to constant hand washing and glove usage. The COATS gloves are also Chemo drugs and lab chemical tested, they are ambidextrous and are free from latex and power.

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Chemo SMMS Level 4 Isolation Gown Sterile

This Chemotherapy SMMS Level 04 gown is engineered to provide caregivers with maximum protection from the potential hazards associated with handling chemotherapy drugs. This gown is tested under ASTM F739-12 for 12 chemotherapy drugs and no breakthrough was observed during the average standardized breakthrough time.

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Biohazard Spill Kit in a Wall Mounted Satchel

A wall mounted spill kit provides rapid access in cases of workplace spills.

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