Boot Protectors

Boot protectors are a common item of PPE that provide a barrier against contamination from footwear in sterile or clean environments. Disposable boot protectors can be discarded after use, reducing the risk of contamination by preventing personnel from tracking harmful material from one area to another. Boot protectors also serve maintain hygienic and clean flooring as they prevent the tracking of substances from different workspaces and/or the outdoors that may otherwise impair the cleanliness of the rooms.

Boot protectors are disposable garments that are to be worn over footwear and fit snugly over a range of shoe sizes. They are easy to don and doff yet provide significant liquid and particulate protection.


  • Certified International
  • GB Standard
  • ISO Standard
  • ISO Standard – Type 3B/4B/5B/6B
  • FDA Listed
  • EN14126
  • EN14605
  • EN14605
  • EN114126