Disposable Wipes

The main purpose of disposable wipes is to remove contamination from surfaces. Additionally, some wipes may provide antimicrobial activity by the inclusions of a disinfectant, which depends on the contact time, type of surface and contamination present. Surfaces may have dirt, micro-organisms (as a liquid or in dry soiling), or both present. Understanding how wipes work is crucial in achieving the intended result from the product. Disinfectants that are suitable for use include alcohol in a concentration of at least 70%, chlorine bleach in a concentration of 1000 parts per million.

Which areas should be cleaned and disinfected, and how often?

Any surfaces that are frequently touched should be prioritised for cleaning, such as door handles, light switches, horizontal surfaces including tables and counter tops, phones, EFTPOS machines, touch screens, and workplace amenities (such as toilets). Any surfaces that are visibly dirty should also be cleaned as soon as they are identified, regardless of when they were last cleaned.

Buildings that are accessed by the public should be cleaned at least everyday. If your building has many customers or others entering each day, more frequent cleaning is recommended.


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